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Registration V2

Registration, Ticketing, and Internationalization

Registration V2

In this latest release we have added a bunch of new features and improvements to the CommunityXM platform. Read below to see all the new features and improvements.

Registration V2

  • Updated events to exclusively use registrations
  • Scoped coupons and tickets to specific events
  • Track registration statuses from draft, to cancelled and everything in between
  • Tickets are optional and the registration flow is more streamlined

Internationalization - CommunityXM Web

  • Added support for English, Spanish, French, and Japanese
  • Added support for multiple languages in the web app
  • Added ability to toggle between languages

Admin Portal

  • Seperated sponsorships from tickets to allow for future customizations
  • Fixed navigational issues across the application
  • Simplified management and creation of new data objects

CXM V2 Web

Mobile App Matching, and Deep Linking

CommunityXM Web V2

New Features

  • Updated web to match the features listed out in the previous release for mobile
  • New Search Features that allow more specific searching by type
  • Updated navigation menus to keep users focused in main tabs

Deep Linking

Deep linking allows URLs to be opened in the mobile app instead of the web browser. This allows you to share links to your community and have them open in the app instead of the web browser. This is a great way to get your users to download the app and use it more often.

  • Deep linking enabled between mobile and web

Minor Additions

  • Added the functionality to provide long description to event listings

CXM V2 Mobile

Mobile App, Database, Feed, and More

CommunityXM Mobile V2

CommunityXM Mobile v2 is finally here. Read below to see all the new features and improvements.

Mobile Features

  • Faster scrolling on feeds, feed maintains position when navigating away, each tab maintains its own scroll position
  • Activity Link Previews are now live for any activities with a link in it
  • Images are now scaled correctly, more clear, and load faster
  • Users can delete their own activities from anywhere they are shown in the app
  • New Video Player to better support VOD and Live Streaming
  • New Audio Track player better integrates with the device to playback with Carplay, Airplay, and other devices
  • My Account is reduced in functionality to provide almost all features in the main Tabs
  • New Profile Screen to show off your profile and allow you to edit it
  • Screen load times are reduced as cross query caching is implemented where possible
  • Images are cached on local disk temporarily to improve speed and reduce network load in events
  • Tab navigations are now indpendent allowing you to browse more freely
  • Users can unsubscribe from Event Announcements

Database Migration

  • Migrated the production database to a auto scaling database cluster (Basically will be less likely to get backed up :))
  • Created a global database cache to improve response times of frequent queries and reduce load on the database

For You Feed

  • General feed is being deprecated in replacement for the For You feed.
  • For You feed will show you all general activities, all public group activities, all visible event activities, all visible content activities, and all private group activities where you are a member
  • Private groups are now hidden from the groups list and can be access in the my groups section

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where event hosts could not check in their attendees
  • Authentication is now fully restricted instead of using a modal which allows for automated testing
  • Many dark mode bugs have been fixed
  • Timezones are better reflected per app
  • Fixed a bug where the app would send multiple posts if the device rendered the UI slow and the user pressed the button many times
  • Fixed a bug where android users could not see the bottom tab bar

Admin Portal Update

Videos, Images, and Data

Admin Portal and Storage

In this release we focused heavily on the Admin Portal and Storage. We have added a bunch of new features and improvements to make your life easier.


  • You can now store videos for on demand playback through the admin Portal. Videos will stream in HLS format and allow for fast replay and buffering
  • Images are now stored in a global CDN for faster delivery supported by cloudflare
  • The upload limit is now 10MB per image instead of the previous 5MB

Data Visualizations

  • Home Screen: 30 Day Revenue, 30 Day Total members, 30 Day Activity Count
  • Event Screen: 30 Day Revenue, Registration Count
  • Ticket Screen: 30 Day Purchase Volume, Unique Holders vs Ticket Total
  • Community Screen: Member Count, 30 Day Activity Count
  • Content Type Screen: Subscriber Count, 30 Day Content Publish
  • Content Screen: 30 Day Interactivity Count, 30 Day Content Publish
  • Advertisment Screen: 30 Day CPV, 30 Day Clicks, 30 Day Views
  • Benefits Screen: 30 Day Clicks
  • Activity Screen: 30 Day Like Count, 30 Day Comment Count, 30 Day Reshare Count
  • Coupons: Uses, Total Discounts Given

Bug Fixes

  • Images are no longer improperly scaled down and should retain high resolution
  • Switch images now works properly
  • Fixed a bug where changing coupon code breaks the coupon

Emails V2

New designs, Faster Speeds

Email Updates

In this release our main focus was improving those pesky emails that get sent out to your community members. Hopefully these improvements will help you get more engagement and less spam reports.


  • All email templates have been updated.
  • Email footer includes social links that can be configured in your organization
  • Email header now includes your organization logo
  • Unsubscribe link is now included in the footer of all emails
  • Increased email sends per second to 50

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed broken links
  • Updated dates to work with timezones
  • Fixed an issue where multiple push notifications were being sent out per announcement

EventXM Updates

Bug Fixes, and Improvements

EventXM Updates

In this release we updated the EventXM platform to support more features and improve the overall experience.


  • You can now add an advertisement to an event. Each advertisement can be marked as event only if you do not want it to show in the community app.
  • The EventXM CheckIn App now allows you to find a printer with airprint or an IP address making connecting on site easier.
  • Added the ability for sponsors to add notes to their leads collected

Bug Fixes

  • When you are removed from a team users will now be signed out instead of remain stuck in the app